Visit to Faunia

Last 17th of November, the children in Year 6 Primary went to FAUNIA. We did lots of amazing things there

We got to FAUNIA a bit early so we had to wait until they opened at 10.30 a.m. We saw bats, fish, snakes, some little monkeys, penguins, dinosaurs and many other animals. The best things were “The Amazon jungle” and “The Pole”. In the Pole, there were lots of penguins and we could take some photos. In the Amazon we saw different animals and there was an incredible storm.

The guides were really kind and they explained us a lot of interesting things.

The return journey was good, because we could sleep on the bus.

It was a good trip and we all enjoyed it a lot.

Pablo Moro Blázquez. 6ºA

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