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Easter is a spring festival of new life. For Christians, it’s a very important festival which marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we have celebrated it here at school in different ways.

In pre-school, we engaged in Easter-themed songs and physical activities, such as hopping, jumping, and skipping to mimic Easter bunnies, while integrating Easter vocabulary through song and dance.

In the lower grades in Primary, we did an Easter-themed paint by numbers activity, using markers and crayons to reinforce English colours and numeracy skills, resulting in a set of colourful Easter eggs. In the higher levels we talked about Easter in the US and UK, discussing traditions like egg dyeing and comparing them with Easter traditions in Spain. It was an interactive presentation that featured an Easter-themed game of jeopardy at the end.

In Secondary school, as you can see in the photos, our students enjoyed taking part in an Easter scavenger hunt prepared by our conversation assistant, Ellie. It was so exciting and such a fun way to celebrate the beginning of the Easter holidays!