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In the Vocational Training stage we do many different activities in English, all of them related to the contents and the knowledge the students should achieve in order to become the best professionals. We consider that doing activities in English will help them not just to learn new things, but also to get ready for their futures.

In Medium Grade there are four different courses: Electricity, Car Mechanics, Administration and IT; while in Higher Grade there are three different courses: Administration, IT and Children Care and Education.

Medium Grade: When our students arrive, they are usually used to learn English, but now it’s the time to get ready for the future jobs.

Electricity: one of the activities our students develop is an electric circuit, naming all its components and explaining how it would work in real life.

Car Mechanics: the last activity our future mechanic students have shown has been a Power Point Presentations in pairs. In it they had to explain to us the activities that were right and wrong in a workshop and in their personal lives using modal verbs.

Administration: our students have prepared a business meeting following the different steps they were taught and including all the necessary information needed, such as time and place of the meeting, the purposes, visual aids and AOB. Doing the presentation in class was much more fun for them than the written part, that’s for sure!

IT: Have you heard about the Lázaro project in our school? Our IT students have introduced this great project in English and they are going to continue advertising it along the course so they can help as many people as possible.

Higher Grade: Once our students arrive at Higher Grade, they know much more English and lessons become almost 100% practical. All our students will get ready for their internships by doing an online Europass and a job interview in English.

IT: there are so many different activities they can do, but one they like much is when recording themselves doing conversations from scratch to solve IT problems they will have to solve in the future.

Administration: Bored about learning theory? Don’t worry about it, in this course there’s flipped learning. Having a meeting in a different country? Here you will know how to prepare yourself! Do you want to own your own company? We will teach you how to do it!

Children Care and Education: lessons are 100% practical and you’ll improve your level of English by practicing it and you’ll also be prepared to teach English to the youngest ones. Halloween, Father’s day, singing songs…and above all forgetting about being shy! We all have lots of fun!