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In September, conversation assistants Noah and Megan started working with all of our students, from the preschoolers to Bachillerato and FP. 

Let´s get to know them a little better:

Noah- Hi, I’m Noah! I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan and have been an English Teacher in Madrid since 2019. I love skateboarding, reading books, and exploring the city with friends. At La Salle, I have class with ESO and Bachillerato and enjoy helping students become more comfortable learning and practicing English.

Megan- Hello, my name is Megan and I am the new English conversation assistant at La Salle this year. I was a language assistant in Madrid for two years at a high school in Alcobendas. Now, I am with Infantil, Primary, 1st of Bachillerato and vocational training at La Salle. I am from the state of Pennsylvania in the United States.

Both Noah and Megan work weekly with our students, either in small groups or with the whole class, depending on their grade. Their main goal is to give them the opportunity to apply English outside of regular lessons  and exam conditions. This gives students the chance to practice their communication skills and to learn the accent, culture and colloquialisms specific, in this case, to the USA. 

With Noah and Megan our pupils get to do a wide variety of activities, that range from playing games in English to preparing for the Cambridge exams. Both of them always make sure that students have fun while they become more fluent in the English language and improve their language skills. 

It’s always a pleasure to have them with us!