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Our students from 2nd, 3rd and 4th of Secondary education got the amazing opportunity to travel to England and spend a week with a British family, learning about their culture and improving their language skills. This year they went to Westgate (2nd ESO), Brighton (3rd ESO) and Salisbury (4th ESO). In addition to their daily lessons, they had the chance to participate in different activities like theatre, hiking, playing sports or sightseeing in interesting and historical places such as Canterbury, Rottingdean, Bath and of course London!

But don’t take our word for it, here are their thoughts on the trip and why they would like to recommend this experience to their schoolmates:

Nicole (2nd ESO): “I think that this trip helped me to understand more fluently when the people are talking. I recommend you to go for an exchange to another country because you can leave your comfort zone and open up to other cultures.. This trip is one of the best things I did in my time in secondary school and I will never forget it”

Rocío (3rd ESO): “My experience in England was really good. When we arrived I was a bit scared, thinking of how my host family was going to be, but when I met them, all of the things I was worried about disappeared.  In the morning, we went to a school to improve our English, we did activities that helped us learn new vocabulary and have good pronunciation. The activities were all very enjoyable, everything there was fantastic and we all had a lot of fun”.

Estefanía (4th ESO): “It has been an unforgettable experience. A trip full of laughter, learnings, and new stories to tell. We will never forget the adventure of travelling abroad without our parents and staying with people from other countries, where we had to adapt ourselves to other cultures. And it has been really exciting. At school we learned many things about England, as well as ways to communicate with the people on the street, but in a really fun and entertaining way. It has been a real challenge that we had overcome: boarding their famous buses, buying in stores or just conforming to the norms of our host-families, with whom we have learned a lot.

We had a great time; this trip was long awaited but exceeded all our expectations.